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Healthcare has continued challenges – Heiden Tech can be the partner to help overcome them

Today’s healthcare market is more challenging than ever. With new quality initiatives to track and monitor to meaningful use along with HIPAA/HiTech requirements. All the while audits of facilities and their compliance with these initiatives are on the rise. Meeting these regulatory requirements along with meeting your core mission of patient care is overwhelming. IT Risk Assessments are now a requirement, regardless if you went for Meaningful Use or not. Reimbursement penalties are now rising to the top requiring quality and preventative measures to be taken with each patient encounter. Ultimately it adds costs to the price of doing business which lowers margins that are already pretty thin.

Heiden Technology Solutions has over 15 years in supporting healthcare businesses of every size and scope - hospitals, long term care, physicians, and specialties with their IT needs. We have the depth of experience and the support model to help resolve those IT issues so not to distract from your mission – patient care. We have products and services specifically geared for helping healthcare achieve their goals. Below are two of the products we find help out the most. Give me a call, send me an email. I want to help make a positive difference for your business.

Carl Heiden: President/CEO at Heiden Technology Solutions

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Support Desk

Is your IT staff getting stretched thin?

For today’s healthcare businesses there is no downtime. The 24x7 cycle of care makes it difficult for many to predict call volume and adequately staff their help desk. Too often, this means either not being able to deliver the real-time support their clinicians rely upon or tying up Level 2 staff with basic Level 1 questions that leads to burnout and low end-user satisfaction.

It’s time to expect more from a help desk

Heiden Tech’s Support Desk provides 24x7x365 access to a team of analysts who have the experience needed to deliver faster first call resolution and free your IT staff for more mission critical duties. We utilize a combination of trending reports and round the clock remote monitoring to fix reoccurring issues and address new ones before they become problems for your end-users.

Risk Assessment

Get a realistic roadmap to help you fix and maintain your IT compliance. We have developed a unique toolset to help not only get a IT audit that helps monitor and identify issues to fix. It provides a snapshot every three months of your progress. Demonstrating your willingness and ability to continually improve the organization’s IT components as well as provide you with benchmarks to demonstrate how you are doing with the process.


Healthcare IT - Medical Technology Solutions

Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider. Your IT shouldn't get in the way. Heiden Technology Solutions can help improve your practice with personalized technology services.

At Heiden Technology Solutions, we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

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electronic medical records

Electronic Health Record Solutions | EMR/EHR

Health maintenance organizations have begun to institute Electronic Medical/Health Records that give providers an interface to store, organize, and maintain patient records.

Doctors are like any other business owners, they need their technology working properly in order to run an efficient business. At Heiden Technology Solutions, we deal in efficiency. We are proud to provide enterprise-level technology solutions and support for small and midsized practices in the Great Lakes Bay Region area. Part of the benefit your health care practice will see by partnering with us is that we offer an emergency medical/health records solutions that is sure to streamline your patience sensitive information. 

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the scales of justice

Legal Technology Solutions

The legal profession has always relied heavily on the newest technologies. Heiden Technology Solutions can provide your practice with dynamic options that can save you money.

It's a fact that lawyers are at the center of many important decisions. As with many other economic sectors nowadays, technology is becoming integral for the modern law office. Whether you are a new attorney that is just hanging out your shingle, or you are a part of a multinational firm that deals in a sea of litigation, chances are you will need to consider how advances in technology will work for your practice.

For a law office, it is often not cost effective to hire a dedicated IT staff, or even an IT guy. Most law offices rely on break-fix technology companies that not only profit off your pain, they don't present the kind of value that is necessary to maintain all the newest, and most useful technology. At Heiden Technology Solutions, we do IT differently. We provide solutions for Great Lakes Bay Region businesses for a flat monthly rate, all the while offering the newest and most reliable technologies that work for business.

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Manufacturing IT

computer and a craneThe modern manufacturer has to keep their finger on the pulse of technology.

Technology is now at the heart of most businesses, but for manufacturers it often takes on a special role. Technology touches nearly every part of a manufacturing process, and with the right solutions, any manufacturer can significantly accelerate productivity, streamline production, and see the type of uptime and efficiency your organization needs to get your business where you want to go.

At Heiden Technology Solutions, we understand what technology solutions can mean to a growing manufacturer. We also understand that the deployment and management of that technology can be tricky with so many moving parts. This is why our technicians take pride in our vast knowledge base that can present a growing manufacturer the tools they are looking for to manage and protect their investments.

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