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Scalable Support Solutions

  • Proactive and Adaptable to your Needs

    • All businesses are not the same

      • Our service model allows us to design and develop a support system uniquely tuned to your needs.

  • 24/7 Help Desk Staffed by our Technicians

    • All staff on the help desk are familiar with your business and its operation. We do not outsource any support staff positions.

  • Dedicated Site Technicians

    • Get staff members who know your site, your equipment, and your staff.

Our Staffing Areas

  • Engineering Team

    • Certified and Trained

    • Design and Develop Solutions

    • Customer Focused and Communicate Effectively

  • Field Services and Site Dedicated Technicians

    • All Started in Help Desk

    • Trained and Certified

    • Identify and Continually Document Areas to Improve your IT

  • Help Desk

    • A Technician answers when you call

    • Must Meet Strict Customer Service Requirements

    • Effectiveness in Continually Reviewed, Rated, and Scored

  • Account Management

    • Review Systems, Services, and Support

    • Helps “Stay the Course”

    • Make Adjustments as needed



Managed IT to the Rescue!

Agility, reliability, security, and affordability -- everything you need in an increasingly digital world.

For more information about Heiden Technology Solutions’ flat-rate IT management services, or the solutions we use to make businesses run more efficiently, call us today at 800.979.9413.